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Piano Lessons in South Eugene


My name is Alexis Gibbons, and welcome to my studio.  Here you will find all the information you need to start your piano journey.

I am a young and energetic instructor who has taught students of all ages.

Alexis is a natural when it comes to young students of the piano. She has the rare gift of effectively balancing rigor with fun, practice with play. My daughter looks forward to every Tuesday afternoon — her piano lesson — which is testimony itself. It’s no wonder parents seek Alexis out — she’s organized, professional, appropriately challenging, and always a delight.
— Jay Carter
Alexis has been a fantastic piano teacher for our teenage daughter. She is patient but has high standards, and always makes lessons fun, so that our daughter enjoys going. She’s very easy to relate to, and a great role model for young women in particular.
— Karen Kelsky
Alexis balances quintessential professionalism – including clear communication, thorough preparation, and high standards for her students – with the ability to cultivate in those students what is part of her own personality and practice: a sense of excitement and whimsy about learning music. The specific exercise I appreciate most is that Alexis encourages all students, no matter how young, to compose and perform their own music, using the skills and knowledge they learn in weekly lessons. It is remarkable how much learning – including reading, math and writing – Alexis is able to synthesize in her lessons. We are fans!
— Bobbie Willis Soeby
My 17 year old daughter began studying with Alexis at about age 13. We were so happy to have finally found a teacher she really liked, who was at the same time encouraging, fun, and strict. Harley is now a fairly motivated student, due to competing in the Miss America pageant system. Alexis has been no less than stunning at bringing out her performance skills. It has been amazing and delightful to watch her coach Harley, I am continually blown away by her technical and teaching skills, and her creativity! Alexis is a rare talent.
— Laura Stowe Emery
We came to Alexis after the loss of a beloved piano teacher. Alexis had big shoes to fill and fill them she did!! She took both my daughters’ lessons in a new and positive direction. They both love and respect her and we love the mix of fun and serious music instruction that Alexis provides. This is the kind of music education that I would wish for every child.
— Tammy Young
My two daughters began lessons with Alexis at ages 5 and 7 and have remained her students for over 4 years now. Alexis is a disciplined and structured teacher who is also quirky and silly with her students. She strikes a wonderful balance between high expectations and fun while giving her students a solid foundation in music. Alexis adapts her approach to each student individually based on their current goals and interests and I see this with my own two daughters. Alexis fosters one of my daughter’s interest in composing and also recognizes that my other daughter prefers vibrant, fast-paced pieces. My daughters have developed a deep appreciation and love for music, and I am certain this is in no small part due to Alexis’s guidance and influence.
— Renee Bailey
I really love how she lets us choose types of music that we enjoy best and try out music we’ve never seen before. I’ve learned all kinds of amazing tricks to make the music so much more fun and when I’m working on a composition she has great advice! I’m so glad that she’s my teacher and that she’s taught me to love music so much.
— Charlotte Bailey, age 11

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