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My name is Alexis Gibbons, and welcome to my studio.  Here you will find all the information you need to start your piano journey.

I am a young and energetic instructor who has taught students of all ages.

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From a young age, I begged my mom to let me take piano lessons.  I finally got my wish when I was 6, and I have been playing ever since.  

My teachers instilled in me a love for practice and cultivated my motivation to become a musician.  I loved to practice piano so much that I often used it as an excuse to get out of other work, such as helping my mom cook dinner.  My passion for music led me to move to Eugene to attend the University of Oregon when I was 18. 

I received my Bachelor of Music in music performance from the University of Oregon in 2010.  At UO, I studied performance with Dr. Alexandre Dossin, accompaniment with Dr. David Riley and pedagogy with Dr. Claire Wachter.  I also earned a Bachelor of Arts in Russian and Eastern European Studies.

I am now a full time piano teacher.  I teach in my home studio in South Eugene.  When I’m not teaching, I spend my time with my partner in crime, Micah.  I also enjoy trail running, mountain climbing, reading, cooking vegan food, and playing with my dogs and cats.  


As a teacher, I hope to guide students along a musical journey.  I strive to foster a professional environment where students successfully and joyfully learn to play piano.  It is my goal to instill a lifelong love for music regardless of how long a student decides to study with me.  I provide students with the tools necessary to be able to play and create music without my help so that they can enjoy a life filled with music beyond what is learned in lessons.

I do not strictly adhere to one method of teaching because each student is unique with his or her own ideal learning style.  I have trained in piano pedagogy and can effectively teach all age groups including children as young as 3, in addition to instructing students with interests outside of classical music. 

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